Things to Focus Before Being Developer
Written on 17-Sep-2023

Regarding this blog content, Which I kept myself in mind to write this blog, So while writing this blog I can get motivated and also a person who reading this also will get motivated, So let's get started into the topics,

The person who needs to survive in the software development industry there are some essential key skills needs to master, which i came to understand those things like,

Table of Contents

Being Curious

Being curious is always helpful, Because if we seek to find something or eager to know how things are working, It always leads to an answer or solution, Some peoples are by default they will be curious, But if you working as a software developer, You must be need an curiosity skill to think about how things are working under the hood

How to be curious 🤔

Take as example code below, Think about code what all things written, Just think about what is themeColor, children, what kind of values will be replace this things

function Button({ themeColor, children }) {
    return (
          border: '2px solid',
          color: themeColor,
          borderColor: themeColor,
          background: 'white',
          borderRadius: 4,
          padding: 16,
          margin: 8,


The most important skill needed is Communication Skills, And it's key to every industry which ever needed Because the only that you can survive in the IT industry,

Example : When your manager says to finish the task in a short amount of period If you blindly say yes without analysis the task actually required for time to finish, Then you will be in trouble, For that you have to speak with Open Minded what actual time will be required task, More importantly, you should speak in the right context and correctly and when you keep up the words you will get extra value on yourself,

Take as an example the Person 1 who talks clearly and correctly and one who does not speak correctly giving a false statement, So who has more value, Yes the one who speaks correctly and clearly, Communication helps when you working as team ok let's think

How to develop communication skills :

Growth Mindset

In world it's all lies about the mindset, There is sentences in tamil

எண்ணம் போல் வாழ்கை

which means that you needs to live as you think, So you have some proper mindset in any kind of situation you going through it,

Example :

When you working on startup or small scale company, You might be wondering that i should get job top tech companies or MNC companies, Why i am spending time here, In that situation the person with growth mindset will think, It's ok fine i am working on startup but here i will develop my area knowledge and adding more values on myself


In life we should set some goals, Goals helps us to keep ourself more busy and We needs to works towards on the goals, Those goals which needs to measureable and actionable we needs to take action on the goals in order to accompanish, Atleast we should set small goals in life to accompanish like

Set a goals in the month wise

Being Best Version

You have to be best version of yourself, First you needs to prioritize yourself about the things, Best Example assume yourself Mobile App Where you needs to update yourself constantly